Becoming a member of Huntington Historical Society (HHS)

In this video, I walk through the member transaction and onboarding process as I make a contribution to one of my favorite local organizations — the Huntington Historical Society.

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Thank you!
9 months agoJanuary 4, 2019
Hello! This is Tracy Pfaff, Director of the Huntington Historical Society. First, thank you for becoming a Society member! Second, we completely agree, this process is cumbersome and one of our 2019 goals is to streamline it (and our site!). We found this video "super helpful"  and we'll be in touch. Happy New Year to all!
Kyle Bowen
8 months agoJanuary 5, 2019
Hi Tracy — I'm so happy to be a member — and thank you for checking out the video. I look forward to speaking with you soon!
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